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7 Years Sober

Making Friends Without Alcohol

Taking a Break From Sobriety

Is Sobriety FOREVER?

If I Had Kept Drinking

Alcohol and Inhibitions

The Power of Accountability

When To Mind Your Own Business

Has Sobriety Ruined My Social Life?

My Last Alcoholic Drink

Believing in Sobriety

If I Had to Quit Drinking Again, This is What I'd Do Differently

Adjusting to Sobriety in a New Country

The Best Way to Reduce Cravings

Losing Years to Addiction

In Defense of "Pulling a Geographic"

When Sobriety Goes Well

Recovery Won't Get Better Each Day

Sobriety Gave Me Too Much Time to Think

My Core Strategies to Stay Alcohol-Free

The Real and Imagined Problems With Sobriety

Building a Fence Around Sobriety

The Year I Quit Drinking Was the Worst of My Life

How Addiction Leaves Us Vulnerable

Staying Sober at a Wedding

Staying Sober in California

What If I'm No Longer an Alcoholic?

The Trouble With Sober Role Models

Searching for Excuses to Keep Drinking

When Friends and Family Downplay Your Addiction

Alcohol, Sobriety, and Loneliness

What If I Drank Just One Beer?

How I Became an Alcoholic

Beyond the Pink Cloud

Sobriety Isn't Cool

Traveling While Drunk vs. Traveling While Sober

The Benefits of Heavy Drinking

The First Benefits of Sobriety

Who Did Your Addiction Hurt?

Writing About Sobriety

The Alcoholic Mindset

Are You a Sober Jerk? Am I?

I Didn't "Give Up" Alcohol

Why Bother Staying Sober?

Do You Need a Good Reason to Get Sober?

What It's Like to Give In to a Craving

Why Is It So Hard to Quit Drinking?

When to Take Sobriety One Day at a Time

Four Hard Truths That Keep Me Sober

What is the Pink Cloud?

Are Addiction and Sobriety Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Two Techniques That Kept Me Sober for Six Years