About ‘Exploring Sobriety’

My name is Benya Clark, and I’m an alcoholic.

Exploring Sobriety is my weekly newsletter about addiction and recovery. It’s intended first and foremost for my fellow addicts: Whether you’re struggling with an addiction or working through your sobriety, this newsletter is for you.

I also welcome readers who know someone struggling with an addiction or simply want to learn more about the topic. If you fall into this category, I hope that my story will help you to better understand the addicts in your lives.

Each week, you’ll receive a short essay about sobriety delivered directly to your inbox. These essays draw from my personal experiences quitting drinking and achieving long-term sobriety. They cover a wide variety of topics within recovery, from helpful tips to personal anecdotes. Although the focus of this newsletter is alcoholism, I hope that other types of addicts will also find it helpful.

A little more about me: I quit drinking on December 31, 2016, and stopped smoking about three years later, on September 19, 2019. I’ve been blogging about my sobriety since late 2018, with the aim of inspiring and helping my fellow addicts.

I started this newsletter to branch out in my writing—not only to a new platform but stylistically as well. My goal with this project is to push myself to create some of my best writing ever, and in doing so, to further help my fellow addicts through recovery.

Some editions of this newsletter will edit and expand on my old writing. Others will contain completely new essays. So, whether you’ve just discovered me today, or have been following my blog since 2018, this newsletter will have something new for you.

Welcome aboard!

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A weekly series of essays about addiction and recovery. Reflections on a sober life free from drugs and alcohol.


Lawyer turned writer. Proudly sober.