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Sometimes they are really obvious and really simple. I used to sneak a cigarette at home, because I had kids and did not want them to see me smoking.

I’d sit on a seldom-used porch, just out of sight, playing Scrabble on my phone and smoking that one cigarette.

When it was time to stop, I stopped sitting on that porch for about 2 years. (I’ve also converted my word-play time to Spelling Bee, but it really wasn’t Scrabble’s fault.)

It’s been years since I’ve had a cigarette and almost 4 years sober, though for me “sober” means having a glass of champagne a few times a year as it does not trigger a resumption of drinking.

Now I’m fairly dependent on exercise, but not generally more than 75 minutes a day. I’ll take this addiction over any other. My sleep is soooo wonderful when I’ve worked out well.

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